Antibiotics and bacterial metabolism

Data scadenza invio manoscritto May 31 2022
Nome rivista Antibiotics
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Guest Editor socio SIMGBM e eventuali Co-editors Elena Perrin, Department of Biology, University of Florence
Titolo della Special Issue Microbial Biofilms: From Molecular Mechanisms and Structure to Antimicrobial Therapy
Breve descrizione della Special issue (max 200 caratteri in inglese) The close link between antibiotic efficacy and bacterial metabolism emerged in recent years. Indeed, currently used antibiotics target a narrow spectrum of macromolecular biosynthetic processes, perturbing also bacterial metabolism and contributing to cell death. Furthermore, is more and more evident, that also the metabolic state of bacteria influences their susceptibility to antibiotics. In particular, cells with a reduced metabolism (for example during the stationary phase of growth, or persisters or cells embedded in biofilm), show higher resistance to the action of antibiotics. Consequently, antibiotic efficacy could be enhanced by altering the metabolic state of bacteria.
This Special Issue welcomes submissions from different research replica rolex fields that deepen the relationship relojes replicas between bacterial metabolism and antibiotic efficacy, to find new way to overcome the problem of antibiotic resistance.
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