Il mondo delle Biotech

NAICONS ( is an SME dedicated to the discovery and development of new bioactive compounds, particularly anti-infectives. It owns a collection of >45,000 microbial strains (mostly actinomycetes) and uses a 'high-quality screening' approach to identify novel chemical classes of bioactive compounds. Its current advanced pipeline includes four compounds at the late preclinical/early clinical stages, as well as several early leads.


Ktedogen ( is a research-based biotechnology company focussed on the discovery and development of new products from microbial sources. Its technology is based on the isolation from the environment on novel group of microorganisms with the ability to synthesize a variety of natural products.
These strains are evaluated in target screening programs for the production of novel classes of antibiotics, of new biological catalysts and for improved process.
KtedoGen's antibiotic discovery and development program are conduced in partnership with NAICONS.


Mediterranea Biotecnologie ( è un'azienda leader nel settore della ricerca, sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di colture starter e probiotiche per il settore alimentare, in particolare per il settore lattiero-caseario.
La filosofia di Mediterranea Biotecnologie è orientata ad identificare, sviluppare e customizzare i propri prodotti partendo dalle esigenze del mercato e dalle esigenze produttive di ogni singolo Cliente.

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