Microbes at the Root of Solutions for Anthropocene Challenges

Data scadenza invio manoscritto 29 February 2024
Nome rivista Microorganisms (ISSN 2076-2607)
Link a sito della rivista https://www.mdpi.com/journal/microorganisms
Impact factor della rivista 4.926
Guest Editor socio SIMGBM e eventuali Co-editors Rachele Isticato ( Dept of Biology, University Federico ii of Naples) and Eleonora Rolli (Dept of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences , University of Milano)
Titolo della Special Issue "Microbes at the Root of Solutions for Anthropocene Challenges"
Breve descrizione della Special issue (max 200 caratteri in inglese) We are living in the Anthropocene, the human-dominated era in which anthropogenic activities are dramatically threatening ecosystem biodiversity and natural resource consumption. This Special Issue aims to host researchers’ contributions to the exploitation of microbial resources to face Anthropocene-driven issues, including improving sustainable agriculture practices, sustaining aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem biodiversity, promoting pollutant clean-up, counteracting antibiotic resistance spread, and coping with climate change’s impact on biogeochemical cycles and soil fertility loss.
Link alla pagina web della Special Issue https://www.mdpi.com/journal/microorganisms/special_issues/332JYO6Y08